Sunday, August 15, 2010

A real Trip

Trip Around the World that is! Connie made this beautiful quilt for her daughter and her new husband. She likes green and he likes brown.....what a nice combo it made for this quilt! What a beautiful job Connie did! I quilted 'Falling Leaves' which was so perfect for this quilt.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Family Reunion T-shirt Quilt

A customer contacted me about doing a queen sized t-shirt quilt for her in-laws. What lucky in-laws she has :o) She boxed up her t-shirts and mailed them to me. I didn't have enough shirts to make a queen sized quilt, so I added extra quilt blocks to make the quilt the right size. I love the challenge of designing a quilting for someone. This one went through 3 design changes before I felt good about it.

I think it turned out quite nicely AND I just got an email from her saying...."OH MY HECK - Carrie this is Amazing! I love this quilt - It's beautiful! I can't thank you enough for all your hard work. I can not wait for my in-laws to open this up. They will be so surprised and touched. Thank you again for everything. You are the best!!" Couldn't help but smile when I got the email =D Thanks!

It's always fun to open a box to find fun and interesting t-shirts that have special meaning to their owners :o)
Here is the backside on light blue fabric.
Here is a close up of the blocks I made using my AccuQuilt Go cutter! Love that machine :o)

Olivia the Pig and Outer Space

Finished these two cute quilts just in time for this young family to move to....Kenya! What an adventure for them!! She just had a baby boy and wanted to get his quilt done. We actually did a swap for this quilt....She made me this adorable monkey that I wanted really, really bad, so she said she was willing to do a swap!
So I quilted the baby blanket for her littlest 'monkey' :o) I quilted "Rings of Saturn" and it just turned out so nice on her space fabric!

She decided to make a quilt for her daughter using Olivia the Pig fabric. Such cute, fun fabric! She chose "Ribbon Dance" as the quilting pattern. Very cute!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Girls Camp Quilt

I finished 2 quilts for our church's Girls Camp which takes place at the end of this month. They are using the color green and Frogs as part of the theme! I found ALL kinds of frog fabric this year...who knew frogs were so popular??!!
The big picture!
Close up of some of the cute frog fabrics
Of course I had to quilt frogs!
Close up of frogs. Cute huh?!

I chose plain muslin for the back so everyone can sign the back and then we put all of the girls names in a hat and draw out 2 lucky names :o) Good luck girls!

I used my new Accue Go Cutter to cut out the shapes....LOVE it! I sewed the pieces together and then sewed the longs strips together on the longarm machine and then quilted as I went.

Hope they like it =D

Monday, April 12, 2010

Woohoo Paducah!

I can hardly wait....I get to go to Paducah, KY next week to attend the American Quilter's Society (AQS) 2010 quilt show! I'll be spending time with my niece who just moved there a couple months ago to work as a librarian :o) She's a beautiful knitter herself. In fact, she came here a couple years ago to attend the Sheep and Wool Festival.

I am trying to get my shopping list put together!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sewing for granddaughters!

I've been gone for awhile, but it's good to be back! I'm ready to get back to my quilting. I have a customer's quilt just calling my name from downstairs....soon...very soon!

Before I left to help my mother with her move, I finished a birthday gift for one of my granddaughters. It took much longer than I had anticipated so it was late :o( But she thought it was just an extension of her birthday when she finally did get it! She calls it her 'special purse'. I'm so glad she thinks so :o)

Here are some pictures....My son overheard my little granddaughter talking to Cinderella on her 'cell phone' about getting ready for the ball :o)

While I was out west, I spent time with my daughters sewing some with them too. I had a grand time. I also made a trip to a fabric wholesaler out there who was having a sale...(did you know you could get 5 bolts of fabric into a suitcase!!) I used some of the fabric I bought and made one little granddaughter a duvet cover, matching pillow and pillow case and curtains. I think it all turned out pretty darn cute if I say so myself! (humble - I know...)

(I didn't make the bedskirt. I just place the fabric there to show what a bedskirt from the raindrop fabric could look like (o: ) Don't you just love the giant ric rac?

I am now selling this cute Blake Riley fabric in my Etsy shop! I will also sell the giant ric rac, but it isn't posted yet. (My husband has our camera in China! So the pictures will have to wait until he gets home!)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A 'Charming' Quilt Guild Challenge

I belong to Four County Quilt Guild and we have a challenge due next month. It's a 'charming challenge'! We are to make a small charm quilt top.....something where no two fabrics are the same.

Here are the challenge fabrics they gave us to work with...
The 'plan'...
Auditioning fabrics...
On the design wall...Stay tuned in!.....