Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fall and nursery

I just love the fall season. I love spring, but there is something about fall. I love the colors of fall, the coolness, the crispness, the fresh apples and applesauce donuts (when I can find them!). I love to decorate for fall. So in that spirit, I will share a couple of things that means it's fall at the Weatherbee home....(of course it's gotta mean quilts!) This first quilt I made because I love the colors of the fall leaves. So it is my renedition of the fall leaves! I just love the fun Halloween fabrics so I made this one in honor of the fun side of Halloween.

Oh, Gordon grew these gorgeous pumpkins. They greet you at the door :o)They are the prettiest colors. They are flat on one side, so they don't stand up :o) Fun, Fun!

This is the pumpkin I grew! lol

I went into Nursery today and took a few pictures of Gordon and his nursery kids. I thought you might enjoy a couple of them! The kids think Gordon is part jungle gym! They love him and he loves them. Whenever he leaves the room, I've been told that the room goes quiet as they watch him leave and they wait until he returns :o) One little girl calls him 'Brudduh Wedderbee'. When they go to visit family in Ohio and they take her to that nursery, she just stands at the door and asks "Where's Brudduh Wedderbee?" Of course he's not there, so she won't go in :o)