Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bewitching Little Girls

Here are my cute little witches that the skirts were made for. I am still waiting for a picture from Kelly to post with Lylia in her skirt.
I love this one of Robyn twirling!
Don't you just want to join them in a group hug!!

Robyn giving us her best 'princess smile'!

This one of Amber cracks me up!

Talk about bewitching eyes!
Maddy peeking at something or someone :o)
Time to relax....

I finally got a picture with Lylia in her little skirt.
Don't I have the most bewitching little granddaughters?

1 comment:

John & Jennifer Savage said...

Those sure are some cute girls. :) Good thing the skirts are just as cute to match!