Thursday, July 22, 2010

Olivia the Pig and Outer Space

Finished these two cute quilts just in time for this young family to move to....Kenya! What an adventure for them!! She just had a baby boy and wanted to get his quilt done. We actually did a swap for this quilt....She made me this adorable monkey that I wanted really, really bad, so she said she was willing to do a swap!
So I quilted the baby blanket for her littlest 'monkey' :o) I quilted "Rings of Saturn" and it just turned out so nice on her space fabric!

She decided to make a quilt for her daughter using Olivia the Pig fabric. Such cute, fun fabric! She chose "Ribbon Dance" as the quilting pattern. Very cute!


Venita Dimmick said...

I love these quilts--such creative people out there--you topping the list! I love the monkey, too-adorable!

Deon said...

I'm behind on my blog stalking. Love the little monkey piggy thingie and the quilts of course!

Karin said...

These are just too cute! You have such a fun life getting to work with such beautiful quilts!!